Plaits Volume CV at 10% or mixer?


The Werkstatt CV “vcf audio in” processes the Plaits output with distortion, I need to attenuate the volume of the plaits using volume CV at 1/10 to ear a clean sound (for the ones providing richest harmonics). Now I’m wondering if the Plaits renders as good at 10% than at 100% of its volume? Or if it’s better to let go the full volume being attenuated by external device?

Pls note that I applied a mod enabling to disable the vco on the werkstatt via a switch to avoid any interference with the audio in, so I trully believe the werkstatt is not capable to process eurorack volume standards.


Two things might happen:

  • If you accidentally set the response of the LPG to VCFA, you’ll lose some high frequency content (should be obvious!)
  • You’re losing 3.3 bits of resolution from Plaits’ converter.

If possible, use an attenuator, even a passive one will do the job!

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Thx a lot!