Plaits vca / envelope problem

Hi guys.
I have a problem with plaits:

  • no trigger in
  • an ad envelope provided by stages on the level in
  • in any green mode

problem 1: I can always hear something bleeding thru the vca even if the envelope is not triggered
problem 2: the internal envelope is still active “delaying” the envelope generated by stages. The only way i have to make the module follow the stages envelope is to turn the internal envelope time to zero by pressing the left button and twisting the morph knob ccw.
Is this behaviour normal?

This might be a calibration problem. How flagrant is the problem? Can you send a video? Do you observe other problems with the module?

Yes, this is the expected behavior. The LEVEL input emulates the “laggy” response of a vactrol – if you send it a gate, it won’t go ON/OFF, but instead there’ll be a slight attack and a slower decay. How “laggy” it is, is controlled by the Time/decay control (which also acts on the internal envelope). Set this to the minimum for the input to respond immediately.

Thank you for the reply!
Ok, so the internal envelope act like a slew when something is applyed to the level input! Nice to know! :slight_smile:

I am bit confused now: i tried to replicate the issue again with the envelope from stages: sometimes the vca bleeds and sometimes not. I am taking the envelope from the second output from the right of stages.
I tried to take a simple dacay from the first output from the right: the vca doesn’t bleed.
Tried to take an asr envelope from the third output from the right: the vca doesn’t bleed.
Tried again to take the ad envelope: sometimes the vca bleeds.
If i put a dummy cable into the level output the vca always bleeds (floating mass???)

Tomorrow as soon as I come back from work I should be able to record the issue.

Maybe it’s a calibration issue from Stages? Is the LED from the 2nd output slightly lit in green? when the envelope is at rest? Do you have a way of measuring voltages?

It is not normal for Plaits to make a sound if an unconnected cable is patched into the LEVEL input.

I can borrow a tester from work if needed. should i measure the voltages from an unconnected cable?

EDIT: i’ll check the green light as soon as I arive at thome