Plaits update

Help required.
I have tried 3 or 4 times to update Plaits but after a few seconds where all seems to be good, I get all 8 red lights flashing.
Now when I turn on plaits all 8 yellow lights are permanently lit. Can’t use the module. I see from other queries another user had a similar problem. Have tried using VLC media player and Windows Media to update the module. Any help would be very welcome please!

It is normal for the module to not boot normally if the firmware update procedure hasn’t completed: currently, your module contains a portion of the new firmware, and the rest is the old firmware.

Do you know at which sample rate your sound card operates? Sometimes, cards running at 44.1kHz cause some (bad) sample rate conversion to be performed given that the original update file is at 48kHz.

Thanks for your reply. Will check sound card on lap top. My problem is that at present my Plaits doesn’t work. Permanently has 8 yellow lights lit. I will try and download from a computer/laptop that has sound card running at 48 hz. Thanks.

This is the expected behavior if the firmware update has not completed from start to finish.

Ok, have tried 2 computers and one Android phone but no luck. Will have to find someone with laptop with 48hz rate soundcard and borrow their laptop. Think it is time to get a new laptop.

I have checked my laptop. Can change to 16bit 48hz or 24bit 48hz. Will either of those be compatible? Thanks

Should work equally well!

Ok thanks.

Be aware of the gain. It is supposed to receive synth level, isn’t it? Personnaly I passed the audio on through a DAW on my Tablet and plugged a descent sound card. Panned the mono track hard left and from the sound card to the module via a simple mono jack-minijack.

Thanks very much for the advice. I too had problems with gain. Tried different software but eventually found Quicktime solved the problem for me with 24bit and 48hz sample rate, Thanks for taking time to reply.

Finally solved with 24bit 48 hz and used Quicktime. All good thanks.

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Hello , what is this Plaits update please ?

I think it was from a couple of years ago, info at foot of the Plaits page.

Best wishes