Plaits troubleshooting

I just bought the plaits and I’m having some issues with it. It appears to be in calibration mode but I’m not sure…

When I turn on my case (I’m using the nifty case from cre8ate) two LED lights come on the plaits and one is flashing. No sounds come through the out when this is occurring. When I press the two buttons together several times it starts working. I have had to do this every time I turn my case on.

I’m pretty new to modular synths, so I’m not really sure what’s going on or how to get out of it. I’m fearful there may be something wrong with my plaits.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you

This might occur when the module doesn’t receive -12V. Check your cable!


I’ve checked the cable and it seems to be fine.also all the other modules I’ve used in the case have had no issues :weary:

You did not specify in your previous message which LEDs were on.

When the module displays two LEDs, it means that it reads a non-zero voltage on the MODEL CV input. It doesn’t mean that it’s in calibration mode. There are several reasons why the module would read a non-zero voltage on the MODEL CV input even if nothing is plugged into it:

  1. The CV input circuitry is not working correctly because one supply rail is missing.
  2. The CV input circuitry is not operating in the same conditions as in the factory, because the -12V rail deviates from more than 5% from this voltage.
  3. The calibration procedure has not been run correctly.

More about all cases…

  1. The symptom for a missing -12V supply is that the last red LED is always lit, and the module produces no sound. I thought you were in this specific case!

  2. Another possible problem is that your power supply does not deliver -12V, but -11V for example. How this affects other modules may vary, but they could handle this deviation fairly well (maybe some clipping with high level signals, or maybe some controls like a PW control on a VCO being slightly misaligned). In the case of Plaits, this will cause all CV inputs being miscalibrated, and thus, for example, an offset will be read on the MODEL CV input, causing the module to select the model before or after the selected one (and thus displaying two LEDs - one for the model selected by the button, and another for the CV modulation).

  3. This problem could also occur if you have accidentally entered calibration mode while the MODEL CV input was patched. The module will have “learnt” that the voltage present on the input corresponds to 0V.

Has the problem been there from the first time you put your module in the case? If so, it might be your power supply, and you should probably investigate this! Otherwise this is indeed an accidental calibration problem.

If you don’t want to investigate the power supply issue or if you are sure you entered the calibration mode by error, you’ll need to run the calibration procedure correctly.

I can give you further instructions about that, but for this I’d need to know your setup - do you have other VCOs, do you have keyboards with CV outputs, or MIDI/CV interfaces, or Marbles maybe, etc.?

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Thank you so much for such a helpful response.

When I turn the module on there is sound however two led lights are present and the one directly below the mode selected is flashing.

I just got the marbles today and when I put it in the nifty case (even though it wasn’t patched to anything) the plaits started to sound like it was going through filters and was oscillating…Acting totally strange. When I unpowered the marbles the plaits returned to the stage with the two led lights flashing again but it was working.

I think it’s probably the power not giving me enough negative juice…

I’ve ordered a 4ms powered pod which will be arriving in a few days so I’ll know then for sure.

If there is anything else I should do/try please let me know :slight_smile:

Wow, did you make a recording of that? This sounds quite strange!

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Did you ever get to the bottom of this? I think I have put my Plaits into calibration mode accidentally and now I can’t get out. Is there a reset? On bootup now two things flashing at once or if you press on the two top again to try & reset you get some orange ones or a line of red ones. Is it possible to exit calibration mode? Thanks! Chris

I should say when I went into calibration mode accidentally there were all sorts of CV going in so I suppose I’ve probably done something unintended there :slight_smile:

Let’s have a look at what happens…

Two LEDs flash because the modules reads a CV on the MODEL input, so you see both the model selected by the buttons, and the model actually selected by the CV. How far apart they are tells you how high the CV is on the MODEL input.

When you press both buttons, you enter the calibration mode, and you are then expected to provide on the V/O input the voltages needed by the module. Is this what you do? Apparently no because you see the line of red ones, which means calibration did not complete because of incorrect voltages on the V/O input.

Please follow the calibration procedure described in the manual, and provide the correct voltages on the V/O input for the module to get back to normal.

I think i have the same problem. I too have a NiftyCase. The Plaits is the only module in there. Worked great for a while, but now I get one red continuous light and a flashing green one, and no sound.
(I have only one jack connected. In the ‘out’)

Do I understand you correctly, @pichenettes, is it time to test the power supply in my NiftyCase?

If thats the case: do you have a link to a tutorial on how to use a Multimeter to test powerrails on Eurorack?