Plaits Troubleshooting - 2

I read the recent posts about a Plaits issue, but this one is different.

I’ve made several Plaits MU format modules and they’ve all worked flawlessly - until this one.

I can go thru the calibration and all the sounds work and it tracks 1V/Oct just fine. All controls and inputs seem to work too.

The problem is that I only get orange LEDs lighting sequentially for the left button, and DIM orange for the red button. During calibration, the top LED is flashing green (as it should be) then when I press the first time with 1V, it flashes orange (again as it should be). But when I press the second time with 3V, it stops flashing and stays orange. Listening to the outputs sound normal and all functions seem to work as I step between all the modes and control settings…

It never changes from orange as the others do (left = green, right = red). I’ve changed the display driver without success.

Is there a list of error modes somewhere? Any ideas? I’m stumped!

Doug Slocum

Your module is in the color-blind mode, and now you owe me 50€ for asking for support on this forum for a DIY build!


Ha! Fixed thanks. I totally missed that in the docs. 50€ is reasonable. Where do I send the money?



Thank again!