Plaits trigger

What is the best way to patch trigger input on Plaits. Can I use a Gate signal?


Note it still will just respond tlike receiving a trigger. If you want to make it sustain while your gate is high you can patch it into the level input. Cool thing is the LPG emulation still affects the “ringing out”.

-patch a copy of the gate to level as well
-trigger an envelope and feed it into level
-trigger an envelope and feed it into Level while also using the trigger input
-just use patch trgger input and set the decay of the lpg emulation very high

There is no best way. All outcomes are different and depending on what you want to hear you can go a different route (or go different routes and come to an equivalent outcome).

Thank you so much. That is so helpful. I’m still learning and a bit nervous about output what I patch into what input. You have given me some very interesting things to try.

You don’t have to be nervous with Mutable Instruments, and modules from other “respectable” brands. A “wrong” connection won’t damage the module.


Thanks for your advice. I have Rings, Plaits and Shades and they are all fantastic.