Plaits "Trigger" Input behaving strangely

Hello everyone!

I always used MI Marbles to trigger Plaits - but now when i try to trigger Plaits, there is no sound coming from plaits.
When no trigger input is provided, it behaves like a normal oscillator with constant sound.
I’m not really sure what it could be, all the other inputs seem to work just fine…

I really hope someone can help me! :grinning:

Same here. Did you ever get a fix or is it user error?

What do you connect to the module’s TRIG input? What about the LEVEL input?

Did you check the pitch button & knob combo? Sometimes when I think Plaits is silent, it turns out to be pitched way down.

AKAI MPK225 to Intellijel MIDI to CV converter. VEL to Level input on Plaits. TRIG to TRIG. PITCH to 1V/OCT.

Result is no envelope triggering (constant output like a VCO) WITH volume changes based on keyboard press velocity.

The module behaves as expected, and as described in the manual:

LEVEL is not a “velocity” input, but controls the amplitude and brightness of the signal. In particular, it allows you to use an external envelope (for example ADSR) to shape the amplitude and brightness of the signal, while keeping the internal D envelope for modulation TIMBRE, HARMONICS or FM.

For what you want to do (velocity control), use an external VCA controlled by the velocity CV.