Plaits top led pulsing green, bottom led solid red, no output

hello all,

a little background for context, i am just getting into eurorack, but i have explored on vcv rack and planned out my first purchases based on those experiments.

my first sound generation module is the plaits, and i just bought it today. when i plugged it into my modest setup(doepfer 138, temps utile, beatstep pro) i see the condition from the subject, namely the top green led is pulsing, but the bottom led is solid red. there is no output aside from what sounds like some sort of timing pulse. adjusting the knobs makes no difference in the pulse coming out. i tried plugging into a different power socket in my enclosure, but got the same result.

a friend found a post about a diy plaits that had a similar condition which was related to a bad capacitor on the -12v line. i only share this for extra information, my unit is not diy and i have not disassembled or done anything beyond attaching to my enclosure and plugging into the power rail.

any advice?

This means that your module doesn’t receive -12V. Are you sure your power supply is working? Have you tried another cable?

i’m fairly certain the power supply works as my other modules are functioning as i expect.

that’s a good suggestion about trying another cable, i don’t really have any spares but i can detach one of the other modules. i’ll try that, thanks!

well, i tried a known good cable and it still produces the same result. i’m guessing i just got a defective unit.

Please contact


i bought this from a local shop and i am going to see if they will just replace it for me, but if i have issues i will definitely contact support.