Plaits strange Behaviour

Hi there, first time here! Greetings to all.

I’m having some trouble with my Plaits unity. Every time I turn on my system, there’s always a model light blinking and another steady, as if I was modulating the model CV input except there’s nothing connected to the input.
I tried the calibration procedure, reinstalled the firmware and the problem persists. Funny thing is that at first everything was working fine, then after some patching this occurred.

Any hints on that?


Hello, welcome to the forum!
First of all, just to make sure: is it an original Mutable module or some Clone/DIY thing?

It is an orginal Mutable module. When I do the calibration procedure it temporarily works fine, but If I turn off and on the system I have the same problem.

Power supply problem. Your PSU is not delivering -12V, more like -11.5V.

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Oh, I see. That’s what I was afraid of. I’ll check that, maybe try it on other PSU. Thanks.