Plaits - sound always on


Over the last year Plaits has been working great. Today it began to perform strangely, playing a couple of octaves higher than expected and timing seemed a little off, which was being controlled directly from Five12 Vector seq. In attempt to adjust the octave issue I may have inadvertently put it into calibration mode and when I saw my mistake had continued to press the left button to exit out of that mode and now it continually generates a sound. And of course the seq was running and CVs cables were left inserted.

It’s been a while since I had to adjust it and it’s been working like a champ. But now I think it’s hosed. Figured next step may require re-calibrating but before I go down that path I wanted to get your expert opinion if that should be the next best logical step?


Which inputs are patched?

“Sound always on” is the normal behavior of an oscillator, and Plaits behaves that way unless TRIG or LEVEL are patched.

Hello Emilie,

Yes I agree, osc’s are normally on when not patched, but in my case trigger was so sound should have been suppressed until trigger level goes high. Without pulling the module out for a visual, I’d assume the jack auto-detects when a plug is inserted. So I should be able to rule out a faulty cable issue, right?

These were the patched inputs: TRIG, V/OCT, TIMBRE, MORPH

BTW - I love your products… And there’s an empty slot waiting for something new, hopefully soon :slight_smile:


Quick update. Had pulled Trig cable and reinserted it a few times and now it’s functioning correctly. Just need to resolve the high pitch issue (re-calibrate?).

Are you sure it’s not just the range of the FREQUENCY knob set to something like C7 or C8 +/- 7 semitones, as opposed to the default settings of 8 octaves around C4?

Yes, I was able to reset octave level back to normal.

Plaits patch worked consistently for weeks. Then out of the blue it jumped up several octaves and its timing became randomly off. Rings on the other hand, (which is also controlled by same Vector) continued to perform as expected even though it was connected to the 2nd channel CV pair.

Running through basic troubleshooting techniques, swapping CVs between Plaits and Rings didn’t affect Plaits as it continued to play high-pitched notes which pointed the issue to Plaits. If the issue was with the Vector then higher voltage pitches would have followed the cables affecting Rings’ pitch. So in “attempt” to lower Plaits octaves I fat-fingered it into calibration mode by mistake and continued to step thru that mode until it exited. Afterwards the osc locked on even though Trig was patched as the Vector continued to to play toggling its gate on and off. By the way, the last step ran was cycling power to all modules but that didn’t help which led me here. So at this point I don’t have a root cause of this anomaly.

I greatly appreciate your time (the products and the dedication that you’ve poured into MI) and in personally responding to my post. The product that you produce along with your dedication will always capture my business.