Plaits retain last state or save functionality?

Hi there, I just got a plaits and I am absolutely loving it. I had a really nice thing going on my system and when I was finished for a bit, I turned it off. When i powered everything back on later, my plaits config was reset. Is this expected? How can I save the state so that on reboot I don’t have to restore the state it myself?


State (current model, octave, LPG/env settings) is saved when pressing either buttons to change the active model.

Is there a way to save the frequency range that can be changed by holding button B and adjusting with the harmonics knob?

EDIT: unless this is “octave”? Weird, mine didn’t save, but I was using the first model, so I don’t think I ever changed it.

Yes, by octave I meant the frequency range setting!

Because saving the settings can cause a blank/glitch of a few hundred ms in the sound, and because some people adjust the LPG or frequency range during a performance, changing these settings does not cause an immediate save. Changing the current model will cause a blank anyway, so it’s a good opportunity to do save!