Plaits relative tuning/pitch problem

I got my very first module last week which was Plaits. I have a Minibrute 2S that I am using to control it. However the pitch is tracking differently on the Plaits versus the oscillators on the Minibrute - I’ve tried the sequencer, playing the pads and controlling via midi. I’ve checked that the CV output on the Minibrute is correctly set but that wasn’t the problem.

It feels like the Plaits is set to an alternate scale but I do not see settings of this nature available to alter.

Would love some help finding a solution!



Hello Jeff,

The first thing I’d definitely do would be to get a multimeter and measure the voltage coming out of the mb2.

You can pick one up incredibly cheaply and it’s a very handy tool to have for troubleshooting this sort of issue.

Plug in a cable to your cv source and hold/clip the probes to the tip and sleeve of the cable and you’ll get your reading.

Hm, your MiniBrute 2S can’t be very old and I wouldn’t expect Plaits to require calibration out of the box either. :thinking:

How are you connecting them exactly? The pitch CV from the MiniBrute should go into the V/Oct input (next to Out), of course, with nothing going into the FM input. Probably best to keep all the small trim pots exactly in the middle for troubleshooting (specifically if you’re using the Trig input). For easy tuning, it’s best to not use the full 8-octave frequency setting but choose one of the octave settings (look for “Adjusting the Frequency knob range” in the manual), that way you should get standard tuning with the Frequency knob at 12 o’clock. Sorry if these suggestions seem basic but you did say it’s your first module. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks - I have a multimeter and will absolutely check that tonight. Shows how new I am to this that my brain still works in midi and not CV. Appreciate the advice.

Thanks Robrecht

Thanks for the suggestions - I connected as you said to the V/Oct both with and without the gate connected to Trigger. I also adjusted the 8 octave range down to 2 but was still getting the strange tuning. I will check the CV output from the MB2S tonight as per Erstlaub’s comment above. Thanks very much for the advice.

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Well… 1V per Octave bang on the money with the voltage meter out of the 2S. A bit stumped here. Hmm.

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Then try recalibrating Plaits. And send me the serial number so I can file a complaint with the manufacturer.

Hi I’m new here after googling for the same problem you’re having. I’ve had mine about a week and not been able to play anything other than white notes. Thought there must be some major scale setting but after RTFM inside out I don’t think there is. Have tried my octatrack as a controller and my keystep. Very weird. Have written to Mutable.

Pleased to report that the calibration fixed the problem (and it was easy). I don’t have the serial handy bit will post it later in the week. Thanks for your help - love the module now that it’s in tune!

The calibration fixed it for me. I just checked the voltages from my Minibrute2S with my multi-tester before I did the calibration to check the 1V and 3V required. Then it just took a few seconds.

Good luck - hope it fixes it for you too.

is it possible to get a link to the recalibration procedure? im afraid mine is not functioning as it should concerning tracking volts-octave scaling. its very possible i could have hit both button by chance with my large fingers. i have metered the source to plaits as well and they are all correct . any help is appreciated. thank you.

Check the “calibration procedure” section of the manual:

Hi. I m trying to do the calibration procedure on my Plaits. I’m new in modular, probably a stupid question. My plaits is connected to my keystep, the pitch out goes to the v/Oct of my Plaits. Send a 1v to the plaits input. Is it a Do (C note)? Send a 3v to the plaits input(which note?). Thank you in advance for the help.

Did you get the module new? Are you sure you need to do the calibration procedure?

Thanks for answering. I bought it second hand but it a a factory version not diy.
Happy new year!!!