Plaits power on issue

Hi all.

I’m having a slight issue with one of my two plaits modules ( factory, natch)

On power up, often but not always ( say about 50/50) the module powers up with the last selected model active, but also the lowest led shining red. No sound is output and the module is unresponsive on any/all inputs. If I power down and back up, all is well ( so far, every time but I dread the possibility it won’t work sooner or later). I am using doepfer psu3 which is running a little close to limit, but not crazily so…about 80%. I wonder if this may be a symptom of power on overload of the psu? Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers, K

What you describe is what happens when the module does not receive -12V.

Check for a bad power cable, and maybe send photos of the right side of the module, near the power connector.

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Thank you Emilie for your very prompt and useful reply.

Please find a photo of the module below. For now, I have swapped out with my other plaits, which hopefully will eliminate, or not either/both an issue with the power cable / psu. As I’m sure you understand, the intermittent nature makes this a matter of waiting and seeing to some extent. Also, this is complicated by the fact that I am patched and ready for a show tomorrow, so working on the case is fiddly at the moment. Its a doepfer 9u monster, full, and heavily patched.

It is possible also that the psu on one side of the case is the issue. On these cases, left side is one psu, right side another and the placement of the two plaits modules happens to be such that they are not on the same psu.

Happily, the “spare” plaits is not in use for this patch, and needing a little more mixing control anyway, I have taken out the affected plaits, swapped in the spare one, using the same power cable, and in the space left behind that, my veils has gone in.

If I can cycle power 4/5 times without issue, I would strongly suspect a problem with the module. If the problem persists, I will swap the power cable. So far I have power cycled twice with no problem ( but don’t want to switch on and off and on and off needlessly, too much)

Many thanks again for your time and attention to this, it’s much appreciated!

I need to see the components on the side of the board! Here’s an example of what I’d like to look at:

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Ah, sorry! Hope this is better. The odd looking solder point is slightly discolored, but does not seem to be in contact with its neighbours.

I don’t see anything wrong here!

Ok, thanks for checking. I’ll see how I go - I have a spare cable if needed.

Good to know the module looks OK…