Plaits, one trigger outputs two triggers

Hi, I recently bougth a Plaits module and since today all worked fine.
When I turned on the power this morning the trigger input seems to retrigger the notes (it plays a kind of flam, 16th notes with a little swing, weirdly in sync with the clock), I’ve tried different sequencers and also square lfo to make sure it was not an external problem. The issue is really notable in the percussive models bank, I’ve been looking for information on internet, the closest I found was a post in this forum , tried to change the power socket and got the same behaviour.
I hope someone knows what’s all about…

It seems that the module is reacting to both the positive and negative edge of the signal.

Could you send a video or audio recording to

Hi, thanks for the quick answer!
This is weird, I just got back home, went to record a take of the issue and it’s gone…
Happy because it works fine again, concerned because I have no idea of what caused the problem and why it works again.
If it repeats I will send the audio to the support mail.