Plaits not triggering

Hi all, I got an issue with plaits:
When I pass a gate into the trigger input (various sources tried), nothing happens, so I can only use it as a “normal VCO” and have to use an external VCA & envelope. Is there any way to kind of reset it? When I bought it, everything was fine, so I suggest i hit some wrong buttons.

Thanks already.

I can’t think of any hardware defect that would cause that: a failure of the TRIG or GATE inputs would cause the module to go silent. I might be missing something here… Could you please email a video of the problem to

Sorry if I was unprecise, this is exactly what happens, as soon as I plug any Signal, even a dummy cable, into the TRIG Input: the module goes completly silent. When I unplug it from the TRIG input, it continues to work as a “normal VCO” with constant output.

That’s puzzling… if the module can detect that nothing is patched in the input (and act like a normal VCO), it means that both the jack and the trigger processing circuit are correctly working.

It’s normal for the sound to stop if you patch a dummy cable: the module is waiting for a trigger.

But it’s not normal if nothing happens when you send a trigger.

Which trigger source are you using? Maybe its voltage or pulse duration are too low?

Does the LEVEL input work correctly?

If you send the same gate to both the TRIG and LEVEL input, what happens? Does the internal envelope (controlled by the attenuverter) modulate TIMBRE, MORPH or FM?

I used gates/CV from various sources, from envelopes/Maths/Nerdseq, even played around with the attenuverter from maths, so every volatage range should be covered.

The Level Input works fine and handles gates as well as CV. If I now patch the same or a different source into the TRIG input (additionally to the LEVEL input), nothing happens, it is as the trig input wouldn’t exist and the level is changed according to the source it is connected to. (hope it is understandable; the sound is still playing and reacting according to the input of the LEVEL input)

The FM attenuverter works, but if I move TIMBRE OR MORPH (only the attenuverters), there is no change in sound.

Quite a mystery! Can’t think of any hardware fault or software issue that could cause this… We’ll have to wait for the end of the pandemic for you to send me the module for diagnosis and repair.

alright, kind of reset is not possible? or reload the firmware? Maybe retuning it… :thinking:

If we lived in the Matrix, maybe reloading the firmware or resetting the Matrix would work :slight_smile:

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Hi i have the EXACT same problem did you get any help or find out how to salwe the problem?

I never received phux’s module for repair, but you can contact me through the form on the website to return me your module, and I’ll finally know what’s the mystery behind this!

Hi, This exact thing has happened to me as well. If I patch into trig or velocity and no sound. How best to coordinate, I will find the repair form and get this mailed out.
Many thanks for the review!