Plaits not tracking pitch correctly anymore


Everything was working normal and I did something that made it so no sound was coming from Plaits. For some reason I thought I should press both model buttons down at the same time. This got the sound back but now I can’t seem to get the pitch to track correctly, Ill tune it to a C but when I play a D it comes up as an E and so on.
Did I come across a user scale mode or something?


I googled some more and found out I entered a calibration mode. Looks like no jamming for me until I get some info on how to recalibrate this.


I’d like to have the calibration procedure as well. Just because I’m sure it’s only a matter of time until I screw something up :wink:


DON’T press both buttons.


For the record the unit i purchased was a demo for a few days at a shop. In the back of my mind I wonder if anyone did the verboten two button press.

I do have some of a sense my plaits is tracking on the flatter side of things but its nothing horribly drastic and i do manage to get it sounding ok with other oscillators. Im sure you have good reasoning for not releasing the calibration process publicly.