Plaits not lighting up?

Hi, I recently bought the plaits Module but when I plug it into the uzeus there is absolutely no lights or sound coming out of it while every other modules works fine so I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if the module is just faulty. I first thought it was because there was not enough power coming in but I tried to plug it alone and it still doesn’t work so I guess that’s not the problem. Im quite new to this and I can’t figure out what’s the problem so I thought I’ll just ask here. by the way I have a 15v adaptor that can go up to 2400ma Don’t know if this helps. Could any one help me with this ?

Hmm, I don’t have Plaits but I use a uZeus with TipTop’s 13V “Boost” brick. Might the extra 2V be a thing?
Sorry I can’t be more help!

Hi thanks for replying !
Do you mean that 15v might be too much and I should use a 13V ?

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No no no no, there are voltage regulators for a reason :slight_smile:

Can you send me a photo of the area near the power connector, taken from the side? Last year, I received for repair a unit where a protection diode (or ferrite I don’t remember) near the power connector detached itself from the board. This looks like a similar issue.

Hi, Yes sure ! I’m not home yet but I’ll take a picture as soon as I get back. Thanks

Here are the pictures let me know if it’s clear enough otherwise I’ll take some more. Thanks for your help

Did you also check to make sure that the cable was properly wired?
I’ve come across a few that were not wired correctly, though not from Mutable Instruments.
Try switching out the cable.

Hi, yes i’ve tried that too but unfortunately it doesn’t seems to work either

Sorted !! I’m feel so dumb . I just needed to add a little resistance (that I wasn’t aware of) on the adaptor in order to make it work. I actually have a 12V 13V and 15V résistance do you know which one I should use ? Just to be sure

I’m not sure what you mean by resistance.

But It looks like you’re using a power adapter with an adjustable output voltage. Voltage regulators do need some “headroom” - about 1V or more for switched mode regulators, and at least 2V for linear regulators. So in order to provide a stable voltage of +/- 12V, your bus board needs to be powered by more than that. Use the 15V setting.

Amazing ! thank you very much for your help !