Plaits model question

Ay up.

I have tried to find the answer to this question on this forum (and in the manual) but to no avail.

When ever I patch a trigger (from Marbles) into the model input Plaits, it always goes to the hi hat mode when said trigger is high.

I am certain there must be a way of changing this and would welcome any advice!

Many thanks.

You are sending a high voltage to the MODEL CV input, so Plaits selects the last synthesis model. This is the normal behavior.


Hey, thanks for the reply. I get that and will have a fiddle later after work.

Maybe to clarify, I am wanting to change the mode that is triggered when MODEL receives a trigger. I understand what you have said and the manual, that Plaits selects the last mode selected, it’s just I’m pretty sure which “last mode” is selected it always ends up on hi hat…

For example I select kick drum (so, is last mode selected?) Then patch trigger into MODEL but Plaits always selects hi hat when trigger is received.

Sorry if I am just missing something really obvious - I haven’t been doing this long!

Thanks in advance…

MODEL expects a continuous CV, not a trigger (or a gate). With that input CV, you select the synthesis model: the higher the voltage you feed it, the higher up the two banks of models you go.

A trigger (or gate) is a very simple CV that typically can only have two values: 0V and “high” (5V, or 8V, or 10V, depending on the module). That’s why it can only select two models: at 0V, it selects the model you selected manually using the buttons on Plaits; at its high voltage (when it triggers) it selects the last model in the range, the hi-hats. If you want to select other models, you need a CV that can do everything between 0V and “high”! :slightly_smiling_face:

Instead of feeding that trigger to MODEL, try feeding it to TRIG, and send the Y output (or one of the X outputs) from Marbles to MODEL. Then, every time you trigger the TRIG input, Plaits plays the synthesis model currently selected by the CV going into MODEL.


You need to:

  • Patch the trigger into Plaits’ TRIGGER input.
  • Patch an adequate CV into Plait’s MODEL CV input.

Why patching the trigger into the MODEL CV input? When the trigger will be high, you’ll be sending a high voltage to this CV input, and thus the last model will be select. When the trigger will be low, you’ll be sending a null voltage and the currently selected model (with the buttons) will become active.

Ah, ok… Thank you both for your replies! I really appreciate it. Makes perfect sense now. Cheers!!


Give High Voltage to Model CV input so plaits pick last synthesis model.

I think that by “last” you understood “last one selected” whereas the intended meaning was “last position in the model selection list” which is the last line on the last column: hihats

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Just curious, how many volts between each model ? (i wonder if i may use a controller to select a model, eg. holding a note with a keyboard or even sequencing a model selection using the pitch out.) I’ll give it a try.

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5 / 16 = 0.3V (with some variations, because the MODEL CV input is not calibrated).



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