Plaits Model Lights Stuck

Hi. It’s been a while since I have posted here, but I have a question about my (factory) Plaits. I like using CV to change the model, for some fast-paced crazy percussion. I have found though, that the model lights aren’t resetting(?) when there is no CV present at the model input. Even with no CV present in Model, I still see the solid model light and a blinking model light. At this point, it gets difficult to manually cycle through the models. Any help in getting Plaits to return to it’s default state is appreciated. Thanks!

You probably entered by mistake calibration mode, and the module “learnt” the wrong offset for the CV input.

Run the calibration procedure and it’ll go away!

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Many thank yous! I didn’t think of that. I admit this possibility is extremely likely. I did some button mashing in the earlier days with Plaits.

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