Plaits LFO Mode docs/parameters?

Been having fun with these but is there any documentation for the waveforms and parameters in LFO mode? Are they a slowed down version of the current setting because in that case I’ll need to play with the wavetables more :slight_smile: :star_struck:

Also, how much different are output and aux? etc…

Great feature,

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The thing is, it’s not a special « mode ». It doesn’t change anything at all in the way the module operates except lowering the frequency at which the signal is generated.

The settings and parameters are all the same, but they may not particularly make sense or translate into easily understandable alterations of the waveform at LFO rate.

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Wait, is there a LFO mode for Plaits? How is it activated?

Edit: Alright, it’s been there forever. Maybe I didn’t read the correct manual at the time.

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I haven’t found it in the manual so maybe we have the some issue? Find it okay?