Plaits - issue with second and subsequent notes

Hi folks,

I am afraid I am a bit of a newbie and would really appreciate a little assistance.

I have a Plaits module which I really love, especially for the strings sounds it produces when using the Inharmonic string modelling algorithm. I can drive the module via Midi using my Disting 4 Midi to CV converter or directly from the CV (Pitch and Gate) outputs from my Arturia KeyStep 32 keyboard. However, no matter what settings I use, if I don’t fully release a first played note on the keyboard before pressing the next key, the second note does not fully sound - i.e. there isn’t a new gate opened (apologies if my terminology is suspect here!).

However, using either connection method when connecting to my Mother 32, I get a full new note which makes me think that it is perhaps not the midi signal or direct CV input from the keyboard that is causing the issue.

Is there something that I am missing here or is this normal behaviour?

Your input would be very much appreciated.



Plaits doesn’t trigger a new note because it doesn’t receive a trigger signal on its TRIG input, either because your MIDI interface or keyboard keeps the GATE signal high when you play a new note overlapping with the previous one (which is the usual behavior!), or because the GATE signal goes low for a too short amount of time when this happens.

Try listening to the gate signal: what do you hear when you play overlapping notes?

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Thank you Pichenettes, that is very useful information. I will try listening to that gate pulse to see what is going on - I have 'scope so it should be relatively easy to determine what is going on.

Much obliged to you.



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