Plaits is modulating Timbre without any CV

I have two Plaits and with both the Timbre changes slightly within 15 to 30 seconds without any CV applied.
The Attenuverters are in the middle position. I tried putting them a bit to the left and right, but that didn’t change anything.
Could this be connected to the internal decay envelopes?
Or maybe it’s the Morph parameter? The sound gets ever so slightly thinner and then goes back to a more full sound.

As far as I can tell this only happens in the first green mode (pair of classic waveforms).

Sorry if this has been answered before. I searched, but couldn’t find an appropriate previous thread.

It assume you mean 15 to 30 seconds following a trigger? I think you’re hearing the effect of the internal low-pass gate - try patching a static offset into the level input.

when nothing is patched in the TIMBRE cv input, and when a trigger is sent to rhe module, the TIMBRE attenuverter controls the amount of internal envelope.

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Here‘s a clip.
Only raw sound, no triggers or pitch CV. Attenuverters at 0.
16 seconds in you hear what‘s happening.
You‘re hearing the left Plaits.

Horrible youtube audio compression, but isn’t it the beating/phasing of the two detuned oscillators against each other? Which is why you only hear it in the first green mode, and it takes a while to occur…


Émilie, you are FAST! Wow.

Yes, that compression is horrid indeed.

So… since there are two waveforms at play this is simply their natural interaction over time? Hm… that would make sense.
I never noticed it this clearly before.
Maybe I should listen more carefully to different waves pulsating with and against each other and changing their timbre over time.

Thank you!

PS: I just listened carefully to the same waves at different levels and frequencies. The phenomenon is the same, albeit altogether slower or faster. I understand now.
I wouldn’t call myself a synth novice, but my powers of sonic observation and understanding have just been expanded.
Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Carry on, there‘s nothing amiss here…

The larger the detuning, the faster the phasing effect is.

Plaits doesn’t have a perfect unison setting - it’s programmed to deliver, even at 12 o’clock, a very slight detuning. Emulated analog imperfection.


Understood. Good to know. Thanks!