Plaits internal EG and LPG behavior


I’m having some issues understanding how Plaits’ internal decaying envelope and VCA/VCFA (or LPG) are setup, would appreciate some clarifications if possible.

I understand that the TRIG input triggers the internal EG (which, in turn) opens the internal LPG (if the Level input is unpatched)
What role does the Decay amount of the internal EG have when the Level input is patched and Trig is not ?

My issue is that I mostly use the Level input to control Plaits’ amplitude and if I send a very snappy AD (short attack and decay) envelope in the Level input, I always need to make sure that the internal EG’s decay is set to minimum, otherwise my snappy AD will be followed by the internal EG’s decay.
I was expecting that the internal EG is bypassed when Level is patched.

Thank you.

The internal (Decay only) EG is patched to the TIMBRE, FM and MORPH inputs – when they are not connected. Its decay is controlled by the knob.

As for the LPG, you can either “pluck” it (with the TRIG input), or directly control it (with the LEVEL) input. In both cases, the decay parameter controls its response time.

The decay parameter controls the responsiveness of the emulated vactrol used in the LPG.

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Thank you, much appreciated