PLAITS - FX Loop [Harsh Noise] Troubles

Please tell me, when i create an fx loop by connecting the aux output to several inputs of Plaits & outputting a signal from the output, i get an interesting noise, but it isn’t stable and not constant, sometimes there is an interruption for 3-4 seconds, this patching cannot be done in principle or it’s still possible, but then why is the loss of the output signal for 4 sec?

It may be due to the internal limiter.

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This patching can be done in principle (you are not damaging the module), but with feedback you are effectively be creating a chaotic oscillator, and you might reach one of its fixed points (or a limit cycle at very high or very low frequency).

Which synthesis model are you using?

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I went through different wave presets both green and red and the sound stopped every time.