Plaits & Frames: a match made in heaven

Frames is a formidable controller because you can store four different voltage in Frame step and send them to four different destinations simultaneously by triggering a step or moving the wheel.

Connecting Frames to frames is the start of a long love affair.

The are many different ways two connect the two:
A timbre oriented connection:

  • Frames channel one > Plaits model
  • Frames channel two > Plaits timbre
  • Frames channel three > Plaits morph
  • Frames channel four > Plaits harmonic

a sequence oriented connection:

  • Frames channel one> Plaits trig
  • Frames channel two > Plaits level
  • Frames channel three > Plaits v/oct
  • Frames channel four > Plaits harmonic

The first one (Frames channel one > Plaits Trig) needs some explanation: if you set the output of a channel below 1v (?) it will not generate a trigger when you move the wheel, above 1V it will. By alternating step voltages you can create rithm

Connecting Frames to the Model, trig level and FM inputs should create some interesting drum effects if you tune the output voltages of frames steps to drum sounds on Plaits. By programming different voltages in the FM (of V/OCT) channel used by Frames, you can create tuned drum effects.

Connecting a burst generator (sample an Envelope) or an LFO or Marbles (which I don’t own) to control the speed by which Frames changes from one Frame to another gives it yet another dimension.


Thanks for some inspiration. A great combo indeed!