Plaits Firmware - 64kb?

I know there has been some discussion about trimming from the plaits firmware to make space like here -

I built a plaits module but instead of putting in the 256k STM32 chip, I mistakenly used the 64kb version.

What are the chances of being able to use some knee-capped version of the firmware? or biting the bullet on a new $20 STM32 chip is my only option?

Cheers - and thanks for open-sourcing these modules!

  • Remove the following engines: LPC speech synthesis, Wavetable, and hi-hat.
  • Trim the sine LUT to 512 or 256 entries.
  • Trim the wavefolder LUT to 256 entries.
  • Do not use a bootloader.
  • Reduce the polyphony of the physical modelling string to 1, and remove the diffuser/pseudo-reverb on the filtered grain (you did not consider RAM, but I assume your IC has only 16k of RAM and not 24k).

Also: this forum is not to discuss DIY builds, so Iā€™m closing this topic!

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