Plaits fine tuning


with some algorithm / Harmonics combinations I find Plaits can be slightly sharp or flat compared to other electronic sound sources which I have calibrated to 440hz.

Is there a way of compensating for this within Plaits? The Frequency control does not seem sensitive enough to do this. I can compensate by putting an attenuverter in series with my CV source, but I would avoid this if I could.

Many thanks for a great module.


Is it a matter of being sharp or flat (something that can be solved with an offset on the CV), or is it a matter of not tracking correctly (something that can be solved with an attenuator or amplifier on the CV)?

Which algorithms are concerned?


actually the only algorithm this really a problem with is red / 4 (Inharmonic String Modelling).

On that algorithm, with all other controls at 12 0’clock, Harmonic settings of less than 12 o’clock make the pitch increasingly sharp, while Harmonic settings of greater than 12 0’clock make the pitch increasingly flat.

However, when checking the other algorithms, with nothing plugged into any cv socket and all controls at 12 o’clock, the green algorithms 1 to 7 are showing around 20% sharp on my strobe tuner, and audibly sharp against my Braids and Rings.

Tracking (relative tuning) is behaving correctly.

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Ah. It’s not a tracking issue :slight_smile:

As the name Inharmonic says, the tones produced in this model do not have a harmonic structure - unless HARMONICS is near 10:30. Otherwise the sounds are like a chord of dissonant sine-waves, and the perceived pitch is hard to predict.

Ah, that makes sense, thanks. Would it be possible to introduce a new function such as: pressing both buttons at the same time turns the Harmonics dial into a fine-tune control for the entire instrument?


Are you aware that you can narrow down the range of the FREQUENCY knob?


yes. Currently I have it set to C2 (the bottom two amber LEDs lit). I find however that the tuning ‘steps’ from one semitone to the next, rather than smoothly transitioning. This means I can’t ‘dial out’ the 20% sharpness in the 7 green algorithms I mentioned above.


That’s strange, the tuning is certainly not meant to be steppy.

And you’re already using the FM attenuverter for fine tuning, right?



On my unit, The FM attenuverter is normalised to pitch modulation via the internal envelope generator.

But when you don’t use the internal envelope generator, can you still do fine tuning?

That is the default behaviour. Can I disable the internal EG, and use the FM dial to fine tune?



As soon as you patch something in the trigger input, no, the FM attenuverter stops controlling fine tuning.


Problem solved - with nothing plugged into the Trigger input, the FM attenuator works perfectly as a fine tune control. I can set the pitch of the instrument correctly against a tuner and (more importantly) my other gear. When I plug a gate or trigger into the trigger input the correct pitch is preserved, and if I want to modulate the pitch from the internal AD generator it works around the correct pitch.

Thanks both for your help.


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