Plaits DIY LEDs wont show model change anymore

Now this is a strange one, I built a Plaits to myself, and it was all fine, then one of this days the topest LED stopped blinking red, everything else fine, I didnt know what to do but to reflow the STM32 and LED driver chip and check for any problems around it, so I decided to change the LED, I did so smoothly I must say, but after that all LEDs stopped going red and green for model change except the first one at the top which I just changed and would only turn green. But they all will go yellow when Im at a settings mode still!
What could have happened? Im sure the LED I swapped is the same type and cannot imagine anything could went wrong in the process of swapping it.
Then I asked around and a friend told me his Plaits also stopped blinking green or red when changing models. And he doesnt know what it was but thinks he might have configured it wrongly somehow by pressing buttons in a stupid way…
Anyone has any idea? I ordered a new LED driver chip, but still… sooo strange…
Anyway to reset the module to a factory config?

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