Plaits default tuning question

I am using Plaits and each time I power it up, it has a very low frequency setting, I guess its the lowest. Getting a sound out of it means its really really low when all knobs are at 12 o clock and nothing is patched in. I change that, but Plaits doesnt keep the new setting and always powers up again with that deep setting. Sorry if this is question is easy or has been answered elsewhere, I just saw there is an alt. Firmware, but i want to know if there is another way or if my module misbehaves

You need to have a cv cable plugged into the v/oct socket to tell plaits what frequency to play. Otherwise it’ll play a low note on power up. Or at least that’s my understanding about how it works.

im using it with Rene2 and that range Plaits offers then is way too low. Basically it goes a few octaves high from c0 i think, depending on Rene Setting. It is not the case if I play it via MIDI to CV. So i have to change range each time after power up.

This is not correct.

Plaits only saves the settings (including the frequency range) when you change the active model to a different one. The reason is that saving settings cuts the sound for at least 100ms (during which the flash memory is rewritten and is unavailable to deliver instructions to the processor), and some people do change the frequency range during a performance and don’t want to deal with this pause in sound.

Try changing the frequency range setting to whatever you like, then change to a different model for the setting to be saved!

I stand corrected :wink:

thanks a lot! This helped! Maybe this deverses a hint in the manual.