Plaits dc dc regulator - why?

After having studied all the open mutable circuits, I still can’t understand why dc dc regulator (re78) is used only in plates, why not just lm1117 or something linear, as in other mutable stuff? Anybody explain it please, i can’t sleep!)

With a linear regulator, the excess energy is dissipated as heat.

With a switching regulator, there is very little energy waste (about 10%)

Let’s say a module draws 100mA on the 3.3V rail.

With a linear regulator, it’ll draw 100mA too on the 12V rail, and (12-3.3) x 0.1 = 0.87W is wasted as heat, heating the board and the inside of your system.

With a DC-DC regulator, the module will draw 100 x 3.3/12 x 1.1 = 30mA on the +12V rail.

This is not correct. All recent digital modules (Marbles, Plaits, Stages, Tides 2018, Beads) use a DC-DC converter.


I’ve thought there are some other reasons for dc dc, now its clear.
(i confused about all modules, didnt studied the most recent you had mentioned)
Thank you for your great products and chance to studied ee in such interesting way!