Plaits Clipping in Organ Mode

Just had a quick question, my mutable Plaits has some soft audible clipping/distortion when using the softer organ modes. Is this normal for this mode?

Knob positions where I notice it:

Frequency: 11 o’clock
Harmonics: 12 o’clock
Timbre: 12 o’clock
Morph: 1 o’clock

All smaller potentiometers at 12 o’clock position.

I’ll have a look!

If Its the sound i think it is, I love it! Giving me trip hop organ vibes

I can’t reproduce this… On the scope the signal stays between -6V and +6V (the clipping points of the DAC are at -8V and +8V).

Maybe there’s something in your signal chain that clips when the signal exceeds 10Vpp?

Maybe you could post a recording?

if its not the signal chain, like i said, some of the less bright wavetables can sound a bit wooly/clippy o their own…

Thank you for all your responses.

Yeah you’re probably right, it’s probably just the way the waveform sounds in that mode with the different chords creating the sense of a bit of overdrive. I am not hearing it with a solid tone only when I’m triggering notes, I think it’s clicking coming from the internal envelope when fed a gate from what I can tell. It’s just easier to hear the click with softer tones than ones with more high frequency content.

Could someone explain the following. I can clearly hear the difference in audio when adjusting the morph to change the envelope decay time however I’m not hearing much of a change when adjusting the response of the LPG. Is this a pretty subtle effect on the sound? Or could someone provide a patch note on how I can hear the difference in use?

Turn the TIMBRE knob to adjust the response of the LPG, from VCFA to VCA.

Its for sure not super duper obvious. Try it with a bright sound and a longish decay, youll notice immediately

Oh ok, yeah just tested with a really bright sound and can hear it.

Thanks again.

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I am having a similar (or the same?) issue in chords mode. Even without sending an trig or envelope to the trig/level inputs, just listening to the solid tone, there’s audible distortion on my module. Timbre 9:30, Morph 1:00, Harmoncis is at the fifth position (just left of 12:00) - is this just “how it is” at these settings? A shame because other than the subtle clipping, it’s a beautiful tone. Curious if others can confirm this or if it may be a problem with my module. This is my first post btw I hate to make it sound like a complaint. Really enjoying all that mutable instruments has to offer :slight_smile:

What is your module connected to when you hear the clipping?

I tried it with the output connected straight to my mixer, checked it without any trig or level envelope to be sure and it just sounds like subtle distorting at that particular setting. No other knob settings in that mode produce this effect, so… it just seemed odd to me. Anything you can tell me about this is really appreciated! Thanks!

Can’t it be simply that your mixer clips as early as 8 or 9 Vpp, while Plaits’ output can sometimes exceed 10Vpp?

What happens if Plaits’ output goes through an attenuator or VCA first?

I originally had it going through Make Noise Dynamix, and tried attenuating it there before trying straight into mixer (thought maybe it wasn’t getting along well with Dynamix at that setting is why I went straight to mixer), but the characteristic persisted in both cases. I just tried again attenuating it with Rosie, and it seems a lot better when heavily attenuated so I think you’re right - it just needs more attenuation than usual at that setting, at least in my setup. Thank you for the suggestion!

Also: depending on which chord you play, some harmonics will reinforce or cancel each other, so amplitude variations from chord to chord are expected.

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