Plaits attack time

Dear all, sorry for the really newbie question:
Is there any way to increase the attack time on the Plaits internal envelope triggered by the level input?

from the manual:

Adjusting the internal LPG and envelope

Hold the first button (A) and:

  • Turn the TIMBRE knob to adjust the response of the LPG, from VCFA to VCA.
  • Turn the MORPH knob to adjust the ringing time of the LPG and the decay time of the internal envelope.

The value of both settings are represented by 4 yellow LEDs.

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Your mistake is to think that the LEVEL input triggers an envelope! It does not trigger anything, it directly controls the amplitude and brightness of the sound. Because it reacts like a low-pass gate, it will lag a bit when going from a high voltage to a lower voltage (which creates a sort of decay/release).

If you want a slow attack, simply send a CV with a slow attack to this input. If you want a more sophisticated envelope shape, patch an ADSR envelope (or anything more complex) in this input.


Yes I believe my fault is exactly to think that the LEVEL input triggers an envelope. Because in that way I could have a sort of complete voice only with the PLAITS module :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the explanation, and compliments for the great modules you designed.

Yes, reading the manual I misunderstood the way it works: “the decay time of the internal envelope” gave me the idea of being able to change the attack time of the envelope… unfortunately it is not the case :joy:

The internal envelope is triggered by the TRIG input, and only has a decay stage.

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