Plaits as a dual oscillator?

Sorry if this has been requested a million times.

I was wondering if it could be possible to have one oscillator from OUT with the regular 1v/oct, and a second one from AUX being quantized with Harmonics?
In the first green mode for instance.

Well, even the two of them being output by OUT would be great !

No, making Plaits do twice as much as what it does now, would require a processor twice more powerful!


I was thinking, since the second osc has its own pitch on harmonics
There’s no way its pitch information from the main osc can be blocked?
Its funny how we want the Plaits to do everything, we are spoiled

Okay, so you want to redesign the first mode so that you have one oscillator on OUT, and another on AUX, with no interaction between them. Possibly the same palette of waveforms for both (not one dedicated to variable saw, the other to variable square)…

It’s doable, but only the V/O input tracks V/O. The HARMONICS input has a different range and is not calibrated.

Ok, I guess the point was to have another melody being played by the second osc (quantized then). I didnt realize it was a matter of hardware.