Plaits Arpeggios - Alternative firmware

Hi. I’ve modified the plaits firmware to allow the module to arpeggiate any plaits engine up to 8 notes. The details, firmware wav file and instructions are on the github link below.

I’ve got a demo on YouTube that was recorded when it could only arpeggiate 4 notes on the chords engine, but it’s been improved since.

Here’s a tune made using the arpeggiator

Please let me know what you think. Its a work in progress and any feedback would be appreciated.


very cool. I’ll be trying this out tonight

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I’ve just updated the github to v0.2. It now has options on setting menu 4 to select the arpegiator type, up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, random walk and random walk with pause on some notes. Please give the new version a try. I’ve uploaded a demo I made tonight of the latest version here Demo of custom firmware for eurorack plaits with arpeggios - YouTube