Plaits & Ableton CV Tools - Calibration problems

Hey people,

I just bought a Plaits for my new Case and wanted to use it with CV Tools from Ableton, cause I don’t own a Sequencer yet. The problem is that Ableton gives me the following message when I try to calibrate: ‘Error! Oscillator not (yet) stable. Let it warm up some more to avoid temperature drift. Ensure stable and sufficient supply voltage for your system’.
When I try playing it without calibrating the note pitches consistently up or down when hitting the same note several times.
It’s definitely not a problem caused by Plaits because if I don’t give an v/o input the note is stable.
I’m using a Fireface UC as Interface to communicate with Plaits.

Hope someone can help me out with this problem.

  1. Is your audio interface DC coupled?
  2. When running CVTools’ calibration procedure, which synthesis model is active on Plaits? Ableton might have a problem extracting the root note if Plaits generates a sound made of several notes (or detuned notes). It might be easier if you get Plaits to generate a sine wave or a square wave.

Yes, I’m 100% sure my Interface is DC coupled. I’m running Plaits in the first synth mode with Freq and Harm at 12oclock and Timbre&Morph completely to the left.
I also have this problem when I try to calibrate other OSCs. So its a problem from my interface. It sends trigger completely right but as soon as I try to send out v/o cv it turns out to not be stable. I already checked all of the settings from my interface but I can’t find a solution for this.

Okay sorry for the ‘100% sure’…even if they say on their website that all outputs are DC coupled only the headphone out is DC coupled.
Problem solved…

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