Plaits - a few experimental features


Nice idea! afaik, the outputs are DC-coupled, so should be feasible. No need to restrict it to the single built-in envelope. Some combination of button presses (that will give Olivier nightmares and fits of the horrors) could be used to enter a mode that specifies the secondary envelope (or LFO) output by repurposing some of the knobs (and the oscillator model indicator LEDs could be used to select what type of envelope or LFO waveform…).

I don’t currently have a Plaits, alas, but I hope to correct that soon.


Of course one could always add more shapes in this scenario, but I think that walks Plaits back into territory it was purposefully avoiding: too many features!

Personally, Plaits is all the things I love about Rings and Braids, except with no menus and very few hidden options to remember. Exposing the VCA envelope would just make it easier to patch Plaits into other shaper modules that could make use of the same envelope.

But I’ll appreciate any variation if the idea if it sees the light of day :slight_smile:


Hi, I just got Plaits. First question: How can I turn off the LPG completely? I want to use an external Filter and EG. Oh yes: And how can I check the Firmware version?



Don’t use the Trig or Level inputs = no LPG.

Or give Level a steady +5V (or so) signal and you can still use Trig for the internal envelope normalled to Timbre/FM/Morph.


If the LFO mode is available, it’s the “new” firmware, if the LFO mode is not available, it’s the old one. It doesn’t have to be more complicated :slight_smile:


EDIT: This doesnt matter anymore.

Other way around, right? LFO = New, !LFO = Old?


I’ve been without a rack and recently acquired one and updated the Plaits. Was the LPG state always volatile?

It seems to boot in the mid-settings of both parameters. I can’t recall if this was always the behavior.


It is saved whenever you change the active model. I haven’t modified this behavior.


Wonderful. All is understood now. Thanks.


So, is anybody in love with Plaits as a LFO source?


Not a go to, but definitely use it here and there when plaits is not a sound source in a patch. Some of the percussion models sound real nice as crunchy fm modulators when they’re tuned that far down and struck.


My system has been greatly reduced so I haven’t been able to really play around with it to it’s full potential but I’m excited to try it out with some analog oscillators.