Placement of Ambika display

Hi all. I recently received a Noritake VFD from 6581punk (thanks again, btw!), and as it was intended for another synth, the 2x8 connector is on the wrong side. As I’m installing this in the metal case, I thought it would be a good idea to test having the screen on top of the motherboard. The screen fits snug, right up against the faceplate, and it looks like there will be a little bit of pressure on the screen when the case is fully assembled. Will this cause issues? Is it possible to mount the screen to the motherboard underside and solder to the board using the short pins of the 2x8 connector? I’d really like to avoid desoldering, but I’m ready to accept some sort of compromise.

Thanks for your help!

Glad it arrived at last.

If you can carefully pry the black retainer around the pins off, you might be able to heat each pin individually and slide them up.

If you only need to drop the display by about 1mm to avoid pressure on it, then it may be possible to take 1mm off the standoffs? (I don’t have an metal case, but it must be similar to the plastic one in mounting terms). You’d then need to put some washers on the top mounts I guess as there would be a 1mm gap.

Yeah, it arrived a little while ago, but we’ve just had a new baby and I’ve been a bit preoccupied.

The metal cases are a bit different. They mount from the bottom only and have about 10mm of space between the motherboard and the case front. I’m confident I can carefully heat the pins and just move them to the other side. Luckily the pins are long enough that it should be no issue. Moving them without lifting a pad, now that’s the trick. :slight_smile: