Pittsburgh modular ans studio electronics team up to bring us moog ladder, arp, 303 filters eurorac

And also a cs80 and Korg 700 Boomstars - when it rains…

wow really? No ones interested in the MiniKorg or CS80 re-imagined?

A monophonic CS-80 is cool enough, but a CS-80 filter clone In euro format is cooler!

Sounds cool, I’d like to hear more demos!

I’ve been eying and listening to the MOTM CS880 and GX1 filters, always hoping I could slap together something along those lines as Euro. Synthesis Tech has brought some additional stuff to Frac, hopefully more Euro will also follow.

That Se cs80 filter doesn’t sound like a cs filter at all. The original is a really creamy musical filter that doesn’t reach self oscillation.

Synth Tech has my favorite filter in Euro, the 440 :slight_smile: I do hope they bring the others along, too!