Pitch to CV

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I vaguely remember mention of pitch-to-CV as a feature of one of the upcoming MI modules. Am I the only one, or is this something that was discussed here previously?

If it’s a rumour, it doesn’t come from me…

That answer could go both ways…

toneburst made that suggestion in the basic utility module thread - just a proposal, not a rumor.

if you feel you need such a module you might try analog systems rs-30.

Or the multi-functional Expert Sleepers Disting.


How good are these modules at dealing with not-so-clean input like from an electric bass?

@pichenettes You did reference something along these lines here

I see… By “upcoming” I understood “currently being developed”.

@pichenettes Entirely reasonable. I think a fast, accurate, and reliable way to do this that can be used without having to play your “input instrument” extremely cleanly is something that might be of interest to a lot of people. Nice to know it might happen sometime maybe.

Autotune for realtime pitch playing? Its called a keyboard :smiley:

Just thinking out loud here, but a module that was able to detect specific notes, and output a trigger or gate event when in did so might be cool. You could use it to trigger something when you played or sang a particular note, or notes, if the module was able to detect multiple notes and output several trigger/gate signals.

Possibly a stupid idea, possibly genius, you decide :wink:


Or, more generically, a module that is able to output a trigger/gate when a voltage input falls between definable min/max values.

This could be patched to the output of a pitch-CV module, to do the above.


@herrprof I’m talking about pitch detection that is able to ignore handling noise, background sounds, overtones, etc. not about quantizing pitch to exact note values. The whole point of using something other than a keyboard is to be able to perform vibrato and glissando and do other weird pitch stuff.