Pitch of the Yarns' Arp

Hey folks,

I just started to mess around with the arpeggiator from yarns and I discovered that the pitch of the notes are not on point. I have the standard setting from Yarns running. 2M Mode, Part 1 has the Arp running with EQ pitch quantizer enabled. When feeding the CV out to an external quantizer it even gets worse.
When using Yarns as a simple Midi Interface everything works perfect and everything is in tune as it should be. Any ideas what I could check?


Can’t think of anything, and can’t think of any reason why there would be detuning when an arp is played. Can you share a video?

Ok I am one step further, but still strange behaviour.
It is a combination of the qauntize inside Yarns and Braids. Something which messes up the pitch. I switched the quantize in Braids off and now it kinda works.

I have to finish the production so I won’t get into this much deeper at the moment. I hope I can share a video in the next few days of this behaviour.

when you say the notes are out-of-tune, do you mean the pitch of the notes is incorrect (or detuned), or that you’re not getting the notes you expect?

If Braids is quantising, you’re not going to get any notes out of it that aren’t in the scale it’s quantising to, irrespective of what CV Yarns sends it.

My advice would be to turn off scale quantising on Braids, otherwise you’re likely to get odd results, unless both are set to a chromatic scale.

After switching quantize in Braids off, it worked better. But still the notes were not quite on point. I switched to a different Osc and it was same result.
So I guess the problem is Yarns. Still not quite sure what happens here. Didn’t have time to investigate further.