Pitch bend with the dispatcher

Does anybody use the dispatcher with pitch bends?
Whilst developing my firmware for the Minilogue mapping I also implemented the dispatcher, but I find that with pitch bends it behaves erratically and then finally (within a few seconds) freezes completely.
I went back to the normal firmware with the poly dispatcher and it also freezes on pitch bends.
Is this something to do with the note map and the pitch bend getting confused as to where to apply it?
Any thoughts/help appreciated, alternatively I’ll just disable it, but I’m curious to know if it’s only me, or a feature of the minilogue or the midipal itself.

Which device freezes? The midipal or the minilogue?

The MIDIpal duplicates pitch bend messages to all output channels. If you send a very fast stream of pitch bend messages and/or if there are many output channels (to which every message has to be duplicated), this can clog the MIDI stream.

Pitch bend is ostensibly 14-bit, which is why there’s so much traffic right? You could probably get away only sending when the 10 msb change or something. Some MIDI controllers don’t seem to send full precision pitch bend anyway…

It’s the midipal which freezes, but only with the dispatcher. Monitor, delay, arpeggio all work fine, but they are obviously only going to one channel. It’s true the midipal LEDs do get very bright when I use the pitchbend. One solution might be to reduce the messages? So I could have a counter and only send one in 4 or something?

> One solution might be to reduce the messages

Yes, that would work.

Thanks! It does indeed work perfectly now. Only removing every other message was enough.