Pitch bend range on ambika

sorry probably very obvious but i cant find where to set the pitch bend range on the ambika. can anyone shine a light?

In the mod matrix, there’s a routing (#13) from the pitch bend to the oscillator pitch. You can increase the modulation amount to increase the range.


Is it possible to make Ambika’s bend range more than 4 semitones? That seems to be the max (63 ).
I’d it to bend 5 semitones and can’t make it happen.



You have to modify the code for that.

Change >> 4 to >> 3 in this line

hi, still trying to get the ambika to work with a roli keyboard! the multi is set up with the same sound on each part and some things are working but not the polyphonic pitch bend. minute 19 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2QV7BAcn8c&list=RDg2QV7BAcn8c#t=39 shows how to do it with a blofeld so it should be possible right?

if the pitch bend range of the roli is 48, should the ambika be the same or half(24)?

and it’s mod 13 from bend to osc 1 + 2 right?

> and some things are working but not the polyphonic pitch bend

What happens?

pitch bend is working but it moves only a semi tone when i do an octave sweep on the roli

> should the ambika be the same or half(24)?

The pitch bend setting on ambika does not represent semitones, but arbitrary units. The maximum setting (63) corresponds to +/- 2 semitones.

It is not possible to exceed this range.

@deekay AFAIK pitch bend messages are relative, i.e. the range set on the transmitting controller/synth typically does not affect the bend controller messages sent to, or how these are interpreted on, another device/synth.

I love this synth. But I wanted a larger pitchbend range (for playing with a ribbon controller)!

Could anybody help me increase Ambika’s pitchbend range to +/- 12 semitones? I understand we have to change the firmware code (see pichenettes post above) but I don’t dare doing that as I am no programmer and don’t want to ruin my synth!

Apparently it is a matter of slightly adjusting the firmware code, compiling it, and then updating the firware on the machine. Can anybody with knowledge of programming of this synth help me with that?

Thank you!

I expect the pitchbend range limit is due to processor limitations.

> I expect the pitchbend range limit is due to processor limitations.

No, it’s not the case.

I’m pretty sure I’ll do this as a very minor YAM update because I also like to have a wider bend range. Don’t know when I’ll have the time though.


That’s great Bjarne, thanks. Please let us know when/if you get around to do it (or send a pm). Much appreciated.

I don’t understand this code change. If I want to give it a range of 24 or 48, what values would I use?

Each bit shift correspond to a multiplication (edit: or division) by 2

Ok I get that now, so >> 4 would be division by 2^4=16. MOD_DST_OSC_1_2_COARSE is initially 8192, with a range of 0 to 2*8192, ie 14bit.

As far as I can see from the code, the midi input regarding the pitch bend ends up here:

void Part::PitchBend(uint16_t pitch_bend) {

Am I reading this right that the pitch bend is converted to 8 bits?

It’s not intuitive to me how the modulation “strength” gets converted to notes/semitones. Probably need to go through the code more slowly :slight_smile: I do see references to “+36 semitones” …

I’d love to see that! (Man, now it almost seems as if I’m stalking you, haha!)

In fact, I would love to see separate pitch bend range for up and down. I usually rock the +2/-12 combination… :slight_smile:

:smile: No worries, I will consider it when I have some time for YAM.

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