Pictures/sound clips I can use?

I will replace the original Shruti-1 page on the mutable-instruments site with something different.

I’d like to put pictures of built Shruti-1s, and links to sound samples. I won’t post anything without anyone’s authorization, so please add here any image/sound clip you may allow me to add to the page. The goal is simply to show how diverse the builds and the sounds can be…

ok i’m so presumptuous to make the beginning.
you can use all samples you can find over there
hope you don’t get stuck with mine just cause noone else posts here!
no pics atm, i haven’t finished it.
(edit: unless you like cardboard)

Happy for you to use the pics here, not sure you’d want to.

you can use any of the sounds on my soundcloud shruti-1 set

here is a picture centered lcd…yay!

sure. you can use this track if you want to:

11hz robot: great box!

thanks. I see you are a fellow piggster. do you have it setup for midi? I’m thinking about going that route to control shruti with piggy.

yup. i am.

i dont have a midi-setup. iv fiddled with that in the past but i always seem to lose focus in what im doing if i try to use more than one “thing” at the time. atleast with piggy. and it didnt want to sync properly. i was using it with pc. and that was a bit glitchy. dont even know if pc-pig has midi any more?

now im using it on a psp and thats a smooth ride! (for my brain)

are you mr piggy-midi? and what do you use if that is the case?

You can use picture of my first shruti-1 in Ferrero case …

I’m on on psp too, but I’m thinking about what I’ll do once I add shruthi to the setup. Gp2x and the midi cable sold at kitschbent might be a good way to sync and sequence both. I think the pc version still has midi, I have not tried it though.

You can use the pictures in this thread, of my low-tech (temporary) cardboard enclosure!


Use anything I’ve posted. More to come…

likewise, use anything of mine… I’m not into digging through the forums for my materials, nor do I expect you to be…

but here’s a video i just posted.