Picture Request for understanding

Hello Everybody…

I’m searching a full resolution of this pic…

Here i see the connections to each part (for easier understanding to the cc-by-sa) :slight_smile:

You can send it to my mail. .

Or is one elsewhere?


You could download Eagle and look at the board (brd file)

Or the schematic

Wow, thanks a lot qp Awesome! Eagle rocks :slight_smile: Awesome Try to understand something… <:-)



Haha! Exactly where my head was. I’ve had TPB on the brain ever since they announced they are making an 8th season.

ricky bo bicky

@qb: what do you mean with decent?

@ john, follow mwidhalm’s link. I was in a Trailer Park Boys mood that day. Decent = awesome! :slight_smile:

A good friend of mine grew up in the trailer park next to where they film that show :slight_smile: Canada rocks!