i’m trying to build improved version of my own midi c.v. converter using a pic24FJ64GA002.
does anyone has experience on how to setup UART on this device?

i have a setup … done via the code configurator 3.0 (first time, i used it), routing the input data from the RX pin/RB15 directly back the TX/RB14 pin back into ableton results in not recognized midi/data stream. normally i should have a yellow blinking indicator and receive midi timing messages, 0b11111000.
the scope shows data coming from the optocoupler (sharp pc900), pin 4 to the RX pin of the pic. i have done this many times with pic18f1320, pic18f252 and pic18f452 and works great, accept for being 8 bit wide, only 1k5 sram and only 1 SPI/I2C setup.

i have been fiddling for 48 hours now and nothings seams to work.