Pic programmer anybody?


is anybody ( perferably inside germany or eu) able and willing to programm two 24FJ64GA002 PICs for MacMOE and myself?
this would be great. we got a cheap chinese pic programmer which turned out not to be able to programm these… should have checked first i guess. we only need one PIC each so getting a propper programmer is not really worth it.

I have a programmer from a PICkit that I never really got around to using. It looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/0NR9bAr.jpg (although mine has a red button instead of a black)

Would it be possible to use it?

Hi gp2xwiz

the PICkit2 is able to programm these.

it might be a lot of hastle for you to figure it all out and program the pics for us, if you never used it.
maybe you could lend me the programmer and i figure it out and programm some PICs for you aswell if you need some.
depends on how fare we are located apart if that makes sense i guess.
where are you at? i am in wiesbaden/germany.

cheers Paul

I live in Sweden so the shipping time should be around 2-3 days if I send it in an envelope. You can send me a message with your address and I can post it on Monday or Tuesday.

I just tried plugging the into my computer and the power LED lit up so I’m assuming it’s working. Also, do you need a short USB-cord or do you have your own?