Photo of the new Roland Aira TB3 , TR 8

yes, I said TB3

Well, anything is better than the original 303 sequencer…


I wonder what’s the big round button on the synth and the drum machine. “SCATTER”? Frames-like morphing?

well, roland are certainly trying hard to make va seem cool again. from this small clip they spent a lot of time making the VA sound more A than V

@pichenettes: I read pattern :smiley:

Edit: Oh, okay you are right. Saw a better picture.

The big round thing is “SCATTER” indeed - on both the 808 and synth.


It has a pair of “MODEL” buttons, one being “SYSTEM 1”, the other a mystery… So maybe they “cloned” two beasts.

oh, now they got me. i definitely want to own the world’s first plug out synth.

Hope it’s bundled with ASTs

Is that a touch screen sequencer for the 303? That’s pretty cool for switching things up on the fly. Roland has continued their trend of making instruments for the stage and not the studio- knowing that they’ll end up mostly in the hands of people who will never bring them on stage (if they’re inexpensive and not workstations!).

All that matters (well, not really but to people like us…) is how it all sounds. If it’s interesting and not just a bunch of clones, I’d consider the TR8…

Pretty sure the 3 has buttons as well. They’ve just added leds to all the things.

So they’re calling it “ACB Synthesis”?

Analogue Circuit Behavior “modeling”? Interesting. At least a big company is out there trying something new(ish) and possibly interesting…

Oooh…Plug Out.

Could it be the mythical WifiSynth?

If so, I’m getting it. Even if there’s lag- I don’t have to plug it in to sync it or use it as a controller- I’m on board 100%

@RyanA4 Except for the fancy marketing term, there’s absolutely nothing new about modeling actual circuitry in a VA synth.

I think “scatter” is the repeat/stutter edit/granular/distortion kinda effect you’ve been hearing in the videos so far.

Oh, and “plug out synthesizer” probably means it will send audio as well as MIDI over USB so you can throw it into your DAW just as a “plug-in” instrument. Just that one is outside your computer. Get it? Out!

Well I think “behavior” would indicate they’re taking that a step deeper as in, the quirky shit analog components do that aren’t recreated buy creating virtual signal paths and buffers or whatever the hell the programming is- I have no clue.

Like Braids already does- uniquely to each one which is truly “modeling” after old Japanese synths…

EDIT: BUT THERE’S STILL A PLUG IN somewhere! False advertizing!