Philae descending

are you guys also currently following live coverage of philae landing on the comet

seems like that comet is humming a subsonic buchlaesque tune of sorts.

Wow, that sounds really interesting! Glad the landing worked out. We will very soon have the first images from the lander!

Failed to harpoon the whale, and now it’s totally screwed.

the rubber duck, you mean. :smiley:

They said “We might have landed twice”. The data suggests that philea bounced off. Maybe that’s the reason for the harpoon failure. Tomorrow we will have more information

Apparently it has back-up anchoring screws in the landing feet, and these are thought to have activated, hence my quip.

opps, didn’t get that one :wink:

I didn’t catch the live feed. is there anywhere else I can hear this interesting tune?

just click on the second link in my op. it takes you to esa’s soundcloud…
(it’s something rosetta recorded, not directly linked to philae’s landing)

It’s a comet made of vactrols.

it certainly sounds more west-coastish than another well-known comet song.

It seems to have landed - three times! First photo from the surface was just published, see for instance Philae’s twitter account:

In general, I hate astrophysics, but I love crazy space missions like this one! Soo cooool!

I’m Marco and I write from Itraly, as you know.
…Rosetta is a great realized dream for some of my dearest work colleagues (I was too young at the time of development and launch).
In fact, Italy has been largerly involved in this project, and I am very proud to work with these person which turned their dream to reality. :slight_smile:
Also if is not revealed by major networks and newspapers, Italy means not only corruption, mafia, Berlusconi & Renzi, soccer (?) and spaghetti & pizza. Here there are also great minds, researchers, engineers, scientists…but they are often “Unglorious BastErds” (cit. Quentin Tarantino & Enzo Castellari, the director of the original movie…) :slight_smile:

Hey, scientists from Sweden (and others) are also a part of this project, responsible for a couple of instruments on Rosetta! :wink:

I tend to associate Italy with Sergio Leone, Ennio Morricone and italo disco, i.e. three really good things.

Sadly Philae is running out of Power as it looks like….

It did jump

Fortunately they can reprogram it so it can go into power-down mode and charge its batteries. 450W from the solar panels are available only 1/4 of the expected period. So apparently the experiments will take longer.

I wonder what kind of batteries they use. I mean, its f*cking cold there! Most battery types we use don’t work below anything like -30°C

…You are right dear thhmas! Swedish, but also german, french and spanish people etc. partecipated assembling Rosetta and Philae. It’s a great european success… unfortunately it seems that (as said by fcd72) it has some power problem :frowning: but it started drilling the surface.
PS: thank you to associate Italy with good things… it’s not so usual during these last years! :wink:

Im german but i insist on driving italian cars for over 20 years now and i know why….

Arduinos and octagonal die-cast espresso makers, to name two things from Italy I’ve touched with my own hands today… And there’s a Pinarello with lots of Campagnolo around here somewhere.

So did anyone do a real-time live jam to accompany the landing as Pink Floyd did for Apollo 11

Oh, amazing acoustic synthesizers too.