Phaser without phaser...?


Hi everyone …before buying a pure Phaser module i was thinkin:“Is it possible to make phaser sounds without a pure phaser module?”…I didnt find a way to do it…i tried with my setup but i cant…If anyone would be nice enough to help me …Thanks a lot!


what about a really short delay?


With a short delay with modulation you get flanging or chorus effects.
Phasing is usually done with multiple comb filters moving through the audio spectrum. So if you have some filters that can do comb filters you might be able to patch one.


If you have a notch filter you can usually modulate that with an LFO and get some phasor type things going.


I use Shelves for this very purpose; with CVcontrol over Q and frequency, sweeping with LFOs creates an effect not unlike phasing, but in many ways more subtle and interesting.




ooooh yessss! thats i can try…thks!..I finally bought a Xaox Kamieniec!..greaaat!