Phase locked loop with MI Blinds

I have spent the day trying to patch up a phase locked loop (PLL) with building block modules and I thought I’d share!

From my experience it is far easier to patch up than it is to understand the theory behind how it works.

2 x oscillators (best to start with squarish waveforms and work from there)
1 x slew (I used MI Stages in orange mode)
1 x ring modulator
1 x polariser / inverter (not necessary if you invert with MI Blinds, WMD Triple bipolar VCA, Doepfer A-133 etc)

I find the sound to be a great compliment to the primary tone. Depending how the settings are adjusted it can be smooth or savage.

Basic diagram of PLL patch (note invert not needed if using blinds - set small attenuverter to negative)

Good video explanation of how PLL works and is patched up.

Mylarmelodies take on PLL


Lol! Awesome! What’s your minimum overshoot and undershoot during phase capture? Now make a transparent latch from VCA’s :0)

PLL’s make the world go fast :0)

I found that just using Disting’s logic algorithm set to XOR as a phase comparator, works about as well as an A-196. Which is to say: it can be really fiddly and unreliable, but usually in fun and interesting ways. :smiley:

Yes, ‘fun and interesting ways’ is the aim.

To this end: I have found that both MI Peaks and Stages sound good in ‘tap’ and ‘looping lfo’ mode respectively when triggered by an oscillator.

Unlike a multi module PLL patch, these modules share the advantage that they are quick to set up.

I’ve never owned Tides, but have noticed it has pll capacity.